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About us

Miracle Kids - a miracle in every child 🫶

We see an incredible, but at the same time, ordinary Miracle in our Children✨ All we need for inspiration is to watch how our children grow, how they look at the world, and how they communicate. To listen and hear them, saving and using every moment, every word, every action. We see this Miracle in every Child and create our collections.

Our idea 💡is that children remain children but teach us, adults, to look at the world through our own eyes. Fantasize and feel like a child.
Our team combines children's views, modern trends, classic patterns, and the latest technologies into a model range. And our own production allows us to implement all ideas, with compliance with the conditions of safety, quality, and comfort of both clothes and shoes.

For 7️⃣ years, we have been creating the territory of sustainable fashion. This means that our clothes and shoes are of such high quality that even after your baby, your little brothers, sisters, or smaller friends' children will be able to wear them. After all, things will be in excellent condition. The validity of our idea is embodied not only in the product itself but also in its presentation to the buyer. Yes, we allow parents to choose total looks for their children. Connect shoes and clothes to a puzzle.